ETI's expertise :

ETI has established proficient work teams comprised of telecommunication professionals and highly-trained network technicians. We are proud to say that all of our consultants without exception have network experience from either an engineering or operations perspective. Also, ETI's extensive in- house training program and research activities assure our position at the forefront of telecommunication and network technology.

More specifically, ETI offers expert advice on technology from leading network vendors. More specifically:

Infrastructure support and LAN/MAN/WAN connectivity for

  • Switches: Nortel: DPN100/1/3/5/10/15/100, Passport 4xxx/ 6xxx/ 7xxx/ 8xxx/ 15xxx, DMS 50/100/200/250/DMS500 and Optera; Newbridge 3600/3645; Cisco, 3Com, IBM
  • Routers: Nortel Shasta/CVX, Bay Networks, Cisco 2500/4500/7000/7500
  • Hubs: Bay Networks, Cabletron, 3Com, Micom
  • Protocols: Frame Relay, ATM, ATM(IMA), TCP/IP, IPX, SNMP, RIP, OSPF, SMTP, HTDS, BTDS, SVC, X.25, X.32, X.75, ITI, SNA, SONET, CCS7
  • Remote control: NMS, OMS-P, NAS, Preside, Optivity,CiscoWorks, Netware, Microsoft

ETI's services :

Network consulting services

  • Network engineering
  • Network deployment
  • Network provisioning
  • Network management for private networks and carriers
  • Network migration and upgrades
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Network optimization
  • Work station support

Network security services

  • Firewalls
  • Static and dynamic packet filtering
  • Encryption
  • VPN
  • IP tunnelling

Programming services

  • Scripting for Network Management Systems
  • NMS software installation and upgrades
  • Data/Record administration

High level consulting services

  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Development of operational and administrative policies
  • User requirement studies
  • Software and hardware recommendations
  • Training
  • Technical writing: operations manuals, user guides and systems guides

Analysis and design services

  • LAN/WAN infrastructure design
  • Detailed interface requirement studies
  • Post implementation studies
  • Network reliability studies
  • Capacity management and network performance studies
  • Traffic management and network services studies
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Disaster recovery analysis and implementation
  • Software package evaluations

ETI in demand :

ETI has a solid international reputation for integrity, efficiency and reliability. Our long list of satisfied customers span the globe. Our professionals have worked for and with:

  • STENTOR Enterprises - Canada
  • Nortel Networks - UK
  • Cable & Wireless Communications - UK
  • STENTOR - Ireland
  • Matra Nortel Communications - France
  • France Telecom - France
  • UniSource - Italy
  • TELECEL - Lisboa - Portugal
  • Nortel Networks - USA
  • ALLTEL - Ohio - USA
  • Global One - Virginia - USA
  • Teligent - New York - USA
  • SITA - Texas - USA

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